New developments with the student farm

Albion College’s student farm, started in 2010 by Harbor Springs senior Cody Yothers and Grand Rapids senior Kaitlyn Pospiech, began as a project to lessen the negative impact on the ecosystem while promoting a more healthy lifestyle.

This year, the farm has moved to a new location towards the back of the nature center, which has given the farm more room to expand.

“Last fall we put up a new hoop house that extends are growing season farther into the spring and fall,” said Noelle Sceline, Ohio junior and current president of the student farm. “This semester we will be installing a waterline out to the hoophouse and an irrigation system inside the hoophouse, and currently we are planting seeds in the greenhouse in the science center.”

The new expansion will also allow the farm to experiment during the season with new plants and planting methods. One of the farm’s main goals is to involve both the college and the Albion community in order to create a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly atmosphere.

“By supplying the cafeteria with produce we have grown locally and without pesticides or chemicals of any kind we are reducing the college’s, as well as our own, carbon footprint,” Sceline said. “We hope to help ensure equal access to nutritious food in the Albion community by donating produce to local charities and to encourage Albion residents, especially youth, to learn about and appreciate organic gardening, become more connected with their local food system and grow a deeper sense of community.”

This semester the farm also hopes to get students more involved during the growing season. These plans include bonfires, cooking food, and an adopt-a-plant program.

The adopt-a-plant program will allow students a chance to grow a small vegetable in their room, and once the plant grows large enough, there will be an event involving planting it in the actual garden.


Photo by Karen Wells

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