Students discuss taboo sex spots on campus

Many know Feb.14 as Valentine’s Day, but some may not know that it is also National Condom Day. A day that many students on Albion’s campus celebrated in more ways than one.

Albion’s students have gotten pretty creative at different sexual endeavors in places other than the dorm room. Public sex acts are not uncommon on campus and seem to make an appearance more often than never.

As a result of this lack of dorm romance, 100 students were polled across campus by Facebook, asking where they turn to for better sex solutions. They were asked the simple question, “Have you ever engaged in sexual activity anywhere, other than the dorm room on campus?”

After concluding the poll, students responded by naming their past hotspots and explaining what the “other” section entailed.

The “other” section varied greatly between many locations across campus. Students claimed anonymously that they have done the deed at the Rock, Quad, Goodrich Chapel, Whitehouse lounge, the dark room, Wesley showers and more.

“You don’t want to do anything in the room with a roommate because they’ll probably freak out or something,” said Matt Zachem, Shanghai American School first-year.  “I see people going behind Wesley all the time.  A guy and a girl go back there for, like, 20 to 30 minutes, and it’s obvious what they are doing.”

Ethan Frick, Clarkston first-year, has only heard rumors of public sexual activity.

“I heard that there was a big problem with people doing it in the community showers last year,” Frick said. “To be honest, I would probably just do it with my roommate in the room, but I could see myself getting creative to spark up some passion.”

Evidence of this rumor was proven true at Dean Hall, when condoms were  found in the shower stalls last year.

“Sex outside of the room at Dean is a strange situation. The house isn’t really that big when you count all 22 girls,” said Onna Phillips, Westerville senior. “So having evidence of sex in the shower is awkward because it’s a shared space and there are limited amount of people who could be culpable. How awkward.”

As awkward as it may be for others, some students see these taboo sex spots as an exciting challenge.

“I think it would be fun and exciting,” said Michael Sears, Dearborn sophomore. “I want to try every spot that was listed as a location, just to do it.”

Phil Brimer, Troy junior, also noted that the excitement is what drives some students to try sex in other places.

“They do it in a different or strange place because of the excitement,” Brimer said.“I think it would be more exciting if you’re mid-coitus in the classroom where someone could walk in at any moment. It would give off an adrenaline rush.”

Sexual activity at Albion College, like most other colleges, is not restricted to the bedroom. Students take this action across the campus in various buildings and outside facilities, getting as creative as possible, for reasons ranging from roommates, to an adrenaline rush, to just having an interesting story to tell their friends.

Photo by Geoffrey Knight and Jillian Putnam 

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  1. As an alum, I’m a little disappointed this got published. When alumni visit campus, they want to see the Rock as a symbol of Albion College…not somewhere someone “got busy.” Way to brag about being promiscuous, Albion. And any bets on when Campus Safety starts patrolling all the areas polled about?

  2. Top ten responses to students’ claim to having sex in darkroom in Pleiad article.

    10: They better keep the wet and dry sides straight.
    9: This is why I always knock.
    8: This gives a whole new meaning to over-exposure.
    7: This is not what we mean when we say try a “test-strip”.
    6: I specifically said no flash photography.
    5: That’s not how these enlargers work.
    4: Cold, impersonal, smelly and uncomfortable I see the romantic appeal.
    3: Now I know why I keep hearing Roxanne by The Police.
    2: Be careful there are some things that our fixer can’t fix.
    1: These are some of the same people who forget to take the lens cap off.

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