Satire Blog — Death of Facebook Account Devastates Student

Tragedy struck the College this week as student Tanti Me’o learned of the death of the Facebook account of his girlfriend, Tru Pearson.

This loss weighs heavily on Me’o, who will no longer be able to chat with Pearson, laugh at the hilarious photos of assorted animals she posts to her timeline or play against her in Family Feud.  This reporter found Me’o slouched over his computer alone in his dormitory, a hollow shell of the man that he once was.

“I just don’t know what to do anymore,” saidMe’o, barely able to hold back tears.  “It’s almost like she’s gone from my life forever.”

Me’o was too emotionally distraught to contact Pearson on her cell phone or by way of email to ask her how she was doing.  The convulsions from his crying fits were so great that he was also unable to make the journey from the Mitchell Towers to Munger, where Pearson lives.

When questioned about his future, Me’o broke down saying that soon he would have to start looking for love again, but was just not ready yet.  We can all relate to the sad story of Tanti Me’o and his girlfriend Tru Pearson, as surly we have at some point experienced the loss of a loved one’s online identity.  This reporter would have attempted to contact Ms. Pearson regarding the situation, but was unable to as she did not have a Facebook account.

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