KΔ Shamrock: fighting child abuse with flapjacks

Hungry and possibly hungover guests flocked to Tennant Hall on a Saturday morning to experience nirvana in the form of stacks of pancakes.

Kappa Delta’s Shamrock event was successful and culminated with an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on Nov. 17.

There were four different kinds of pancakes: plain, green, sprinkles and chocolate chip.

“I think the most popular type was the chocolate chip,” said Kappa Delta Casey Waun, Allen Park senior. “We just kept running out.  The sprinkles were the least popular.”

The Kappa Deltas were unable to keep track of the sheer number of pancakes eaten.

“We got two big boxes of pancake mix donated by Jiffy, and then we bought two more on our own,” said MacKenzie Sanford, Grosse Ile senior and Kappa Delta vice president of philanthropy.

The Kappa Deltas ended up using all of the pancake mix.

Shamrock is the name of one of Kappa Delta’s national philanthropies, Prevent Child Abuse America, an organization that seeks to raise awareness of and end child abuse.

Over $5,000 was raised over the course of Shamrock.

“100% of what we make in donations is donated, so we don’t take anything out for our cost,” Sanford said. “80% stays in Calhoun County for Child Abuse and Neglect Council.”

While the guests ate they were entertained by performances of Bella Voce and the Euphonics.

Students, Kappa Delta family members and members of the Albion community attended the event. The Kappa Deltas made an emphasis on involving the city.

“Our next step was to target the community because it seemed silly to have a pancake breakfast that helps the community itself and not invite everybody that we can,” Sanford said.

Flyers were deposited around town to local businesses and restaurants.

David Young, owner of the local Short Stoppe noticed a flyer left at his business and decided to attend.

“I thought it was a nice fundraiser,” he said. “I would’ve liked some sausage or bacon with the pancakes though.”

The pancake feast was not the only fundraiser for Shamrock. The Kappa Deltas also organized a penny war between the Greek houses for the first time.

“Each house gave us a jar with their name on it for their nomination for Mr. Shamrock and throughout the week the houses came and put pennies, quarters, nickels, dimes in the jars,” Sanford said. “Those were positive points. You can also play offensively and put dollar bills in other houses’ jars. One house had $71 in cash.”

Houses were more competitive than the Kappa Deltas initially thought which resulted in over $500 being raised.

Tau Kappa Epsilon and Kappa Alpha Theta were the respective fraternity and sorority winners. The sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta also beat the other houses by making the best sign for the sheet sign competition.

Makin’ Crêpes gave a percentage of their sales the night before the pancake breakfast to Shamrock.

“I was really proud of how everything went over,” Sanford said. “The girls were on top of their game and were excited to be there.”

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