Baldwin Transforms — Plans to update and renovate lower Baldwin are in action

Lower Baldwin will be getting a face-lift starting in Spring 2013. Students will be able to enjoy a new eating environment with updated equipment and a modern look.

“It will just be the student dining room,” said Todd Tekiele, director of auxiliary services.  “It won’t be upper Baldwin, it won’t be the outside of the building or the Keller, but it’s not just tables and chairs and carpeting.  It’s the serving lines and updating the kitchen, as well.”

Semi-official structural plans have been set up and are being finalized. The hopes are to be more open and interactive. The kitchen is dated and some kitchen equipment are not working like coolers, flooring, dishwashers and ventilation systems.

“The dish machine is 18-years-old, and it’s only supposed to last 10,” Tekiele said.

Not only is Lower Baldwin being redone, but students will have a say in what the end result may look like.

“I think that’s important, especially when we get to deciding color schemes and finishes or furniture or menu options,” Tekiele said.  “Students have already given opinion, and it has helped in the past,” Tekiele said.

Construction is planned to start very soon.

“We will be beginning some of the renovations right around March 11,” Tekiele said.  “We’ll hopefully be ready by Aug. 2, so even early arrival students can enjoy the building.”

There will be plans for meal time during construction that will be developed more in the spring semester. Many plans are in place for new eating options during construction.

“Students will be most likely eating in upper Baldwin and working with the school to get the dining room done,” Tekiele said. “Hopefully we can all move forward together.”

Students are very excited about getting a new eating area.

“I may love what they do,” said Nicholas Calderon, Canton first-year. “It’s definitely something to look forward to next year.”

There are many questions about the new Baldwin, too. Most were addressed at Monday’s Student Senate meeting where Tekiele revealed the plans.

“With the new setup and ordering process, will there be more lines and longer time spent eating?,” said Kimmy Leverenz, Grosse Pointe Park senior.

Tekiele said that with more options, this shouldn’t be a problem. Also, Bon Appétit can adjust if need be. Tekiele has a positive outlook and is excited for the students to get a new dining area.

“I really hope that we get a lot of student engagement so the end product is reflective of what students want to see,” Tekiele said.

Photo courtesy of John Thompson, Albion Marketing

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