Albion’s “Green” Umbrella — College students make environmental sustainability a priority


You’ve heard it all: recycle cardboard and plastic, use energy-saving light bulbs and reduce air and land pollution. They’re common ways to help the environment. Individual Albion students can do their part, but imagine the results from a whole organization “going green.”

In light of the previous school year’s theme of sustainability, the Albion College Umbrella House is starting to make conscious efforts to become sustainable and environmentally friendly in its new and larger location.

Umbrella is the governing body of all the multicultural student organizations with a goal to support every under-represented student group. They started house improvements with fresh paint and general building improvements of the new location, 1107 E. Cass St.

“Umbrella is making steps to make this new house green and earth friendly,” said Rainbow Weldon, global diversity student leadership coordinator. “Sustainability is something the college values as one of our theme years, and it is something Umbrella leaders feel strongly about as well.”

Within the house, students try to be more economical with supplies. They use biodegrable forks, plates and cups for events. They also use glass mugs, instead of styrofoam cups, for coffee nights to reduce waste.

“All students who are a part of Umbrella have done various things to promote eco-friendly efforts,” said Darrian Hollonquest, Detroit senior and umbrella house treasurer. “Students recycle more, ride bikes or walk, and use the new purchased compost bin.”

To reduce the amount of trash going into the landfill, the umbrella house also installed a compost worm bin, which utilizes worms to decompose food waste and produce potting soil.

“The eleven different groups have access to the house,” said Po Davis, Macomb senior and umbrella house historian.

Members meet to voice concerns, share difficulties or accomplishments and work to inform the Albion community about campus diversity. This year, they are also making conscious changes to improve the environment.

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