Satire Blog – Police Enter College Party Dressed as Campus Safety Officers

Trick-or-Treat ended up being “Trick” on the college campus as the local police department decided to conduct one of the legendary “walk-throughs” routinely done by campus safety during a college party.

Hilarious in its own right, this Halloween trick was made all the more funny by the fact that these police officers participated in the walk-through dressed as campus safety officers.  The end results of this clever prank have been deemed by many a participant in the party as “legendary”.

“Man, those guys really got me good,” laughs Steven Flufallufagus, Marshall Junior.  “I never even saw it coming.  The second they started flashing their badges I knew I’d been had.  It was the ultimate trick!”  Steven is currently spending an extended period of time hanging out with the local police department on charges of committing an act during the aforementioned party so outrageous and mind-bendingly cool that authorities only are capable of referring to it as “….you know….”.

“We just wanted to share in the fun of all the Halloween festivities with the local students,” states Officer Timothy B. Urtons.  “We want them all to know that we are capable of dressing up and having fun too, and boy did we have fun.  The students practically leapt for joy when they knew we were there.”

After the reveal of the clever Halloween trick made by the friendly local police department, the party soon after dispersed.  Some students remarked that since it seemed impossible for the party to get any more fun after that reveal, everyone simply left out of all available exits in an expedited fashion.  Clearly these law enforcement officers know how to party.

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