Live From Albion College — SNL’s Seth Meyers to perform at Goodrich Chapel

He’s poked fun at President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. He’s the anchorman for Weekend Update and the head writer for Saturday Night Live (SNL). He’s Seth Meyers.

On April 16 at 9 p.m., Meyers will perform stand-up comedy at Goodrich Chapel. Students are required to have their Albion I.D. and are allowed to bring a guest, as long as that guest has a photo I.D.

“With comedians it’s hit or miss, but with him, everybody knows who he is, everyone knows his face, everyone watches Saturday Night Live,” said Brad Harder, president of Union Board and Fort Gratiot sophomore. “I would rank him towards the top.”

Whether in the Dow, residence halls, or classrooms, students see posters advertising the performance and the big-name arrival.

“Just from what I’ve heard from other [Union Board] members and our advisors, it is getting more hype and positive feedback than some of the other shows we’ve had,” Harder said.

Jane Finkel, Mackinac Island sophomore, is a fan of Meyers, Weekend Update, and the “Stefon” jokes.

“I found out because I walked to Baldwin and there were signs of him [Meyers] everywhere,” Finkel said. “Ever since that day I saw the signs in Baldwin, people have been talking about it.”

Union Board paid close to $30,000 to have Meyers perform for the “Big Show.”

“We work through a middle agent that’s based out of Chicago,” Harder said. “We send them what we’re looking for and our budget, and they throw back some names. He actually wasn’t on the original list. Eventually, our agent mentioned his name… and we sent out a bid. Eventually, we worked out a deal.”

Jennifer Schreer, director of Campus Programs and Organizations, coordinated reference checks with other colleges that have hosted Meyers before.

“He was the name recognition, in our price range, and had positive reference checks that we were looking for,” Schreer said. “We don’t want to bring somebody who have not performed well somewhere else and then bring them here.”

There may be a 20-minute opening act before Meyers’s one-hour show. Another SNL writer who usually travels with Meyers would perform that opening act.

“We put a bid out for that person to come with him and open with him,” Schreer said. “We’re just trying to wait to hear back.”

In terms of students actually getting a chance to meet him, it’s up to Meyers.

“Union Board will get to meet him because we have to interact with him,” Harder said. “There’s a chance that he’ll do a meet and greet after, but it’s not a for-sure thing. It’s up to his discretion.”

As for Finkel, meeting Meyers would be the dream of a lifetime. She believes he’s a much bigger hit than last year’s Sean Kingston performance.

“I was excited about having somebody here that I am actually interested and like,” Finkel said. “Sean Kingston is wonderful for some people, but he’s not someone I would seek out. Seth Meyers would be someone I would seek out.”

Photo by Jennifer Schreer, UnionBoard

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