Excited First-Year Looking Forward to Chinese Restaurant Coming Soon.

Driving into the city of Albion, first-year Calvin Cooper recalls seeing the advertisement for the new “Chinese Restaurant Coming” for the first time.

“I just remember being so excited!” said Cooper. “Soon can be so vague, but when it opens, I know where I’ll be every Friday night.”

A deciding factor in his decision to come to Albion College, Cooper eagerly hoped for it to be open when he returned to start his undergraduate.

“They must be working on the place very carefully. I never hear any movement or construction noises from the inside,” said Cooper. “But maybe it’s an ancient Chinese tactic. Wow! That would make it so much more authentic. Man, I am just so excited.”

With Wesley in such close proximity to the prime location, Cooper has taken walks every day to catch up on any progress he’s missed. According to Cooper, renovations have been slow going.

Cooper’s roommate, first-year Patrick Pleeb, noticed Cooper’s enthusiasm for the new business on first meeting him.

“I don’t think I’ve stopped hearing about the place since move-in day,” said Pleeb. “I love Chinese food as much as the next guy, but his excitement is borderline obsessive.”

Adds Pleeb, “Actually, yes, it is obsessive.”

Sometimes taunted by his peers with mocking of his dedication, this passion has not been easy for Cooper.

“Sometimes it hurts when people say it’s never going to open. I know it’s been a while and sometimes I doubt it, too. But I have faith! It clearly states: ‘Chinese Restaurant Coming’! [laughs] How can anyone argue with that logic and clarity?” said Cooper cheerfully.

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