Debating for Deference — Student Senate announces new president, vice president

Albion College students voted by electronic ballot on April 10, 11 and 12 for Student Senate president and vice president. On April 13, Mitchell Jeffrey, Marshall sophomore, was announced as the 2012-13 Student Senate president.

A debate was held on Monday, April 9 between Phil Brimer, Troy sophomore, and Jeffrey. They and their running mates identified themselves and explained their platforms.

“We [had] two really confident, really good teams running for Student Senate president and Student Senate vice president,” said Student Senate President Casey Hoffman, Menominee senior.

Jeffrey is in the Gerstacker Institute, a member of Delta Tau Delta and a Tour Guide.

“Part of our platform is campus and community cohesiveness,” Jeffrey said. “We want to get the college more involved with what’s going on in the community and vice versa.”

Jeffrey’s running mate, Aly Schneiter, Rockford junior, is majoring in Biology, minoring in psychology and has been on Student Senate since her first-year. They think that connecting with community leaders and businesses would help turn around the local economy.

“I want to be able to help Albion prosper, the student body prosper and to help foster relationships,” Jeffrey said. “When the economy grows, we stop looking like such a bad town and the student body grows. I want to be a part of that. This gives me the opportunity and the position to do so.”

Schneiter believes there is a strong disconnect at the college.

“[We want] to help incorporate a more open relationship with students, faculty and the administration,” Schneiter said.

Both Jeffrey and Schneiter want to further develop a relationship between campus organizations and Student Senate.

“For us, I think it would be crucial for the president and vice president to visit each organization on campus,” Schneiter said. “That face-to-face interaction would be important.”

Three student panelists posed questions to all four candidates. Hoffman asked each candidate to explain his or her definition of a leader.

“Well, to me, I think being a good leader is to be leading by example,” Schneiter said. “It’s important to be involved across campus. You really have to set a good example for the student body so other students know they can approach you about something they think is important.”

The issue for the Jeffrey-Schneiter ticket seems to be their strong connection with Greek life.  Jeffrey, his girlfriend, Aly and her boyfriend are all involved in that community.

“I’m more than receptive to non-Greek students,” Jeffrey said. “I’m still concerned and have been concerned about their needs.”

Photo by Mitchell Jeffrey

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