Brief: Write On Track — Professional Writing track option added for English majors

It’s been two years since Albion College eliminated its journalism minor from the curriculum, leaving students hoping to go into the writing field with very few job-specific program options. While students should not look to see the journalism program returning any time soon, the 2012-13 academic year brings in a new option for those aspiring writers.
Beginning with the 2012-13 academic year, Albion College will be offering a track within the English major called Professional Writing. While this is not a minor or concentration, it is a track that guides students through courses that focus on writing within a professional setting.
“The major should help students who are seeking positions in professional writing gain the required skills and demonstrate to others that they are experienced and skilled writers,” said Ian MacInnes, English department chair.

The English department hopes that this track will appear attractive to incoming students, MacInnes said.

“We’ve always had a sizeable group of our graduating majors who end up in various writing-related fields, including grant and technical writing, journalism, public relations, marketing, and publishing,” MacInnes said. “This major is a way of giving our students an added focus in writing, while still grounding them in the study of literature and analysis.”

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