Summer 2012 fashion hits the racks

As summer approaches and the temperature rises, it may be time to exchange the bulky sweaters for a new summer wardrobe.

The summer 2012 fashion trends mix a little old and new style, with a few surprises, as well. Designers were not afraid to combine bold colors, patterns and fabrics in order to make out-of-the-world outfits for women of all ages and physiques.

It was inevitable; the crop top makes a return. This trend has really never left, and makes appearances in the winter and spring. However, it seems as though as the weather heats up, the shirts gets shorter and shorter, but who doesn’t enjoy a good crop top? Dress it up or down, having one handy in the closet is never a bad thing.

Whether denim, cotton or leather, the high-waisted shorts remain a favorite for fashion enthusiasts. These can be loose or tight fitted, and pairing them with a crop top and wedges make you ready for any occasion.

Colors, patterns and fabrics, oh my! One word to describe the trends is fearless. Creativity with mixing and matching takes my number one vote for this summer’s style. Bright neon colors are definitely a necessity, along with tribal and animal prints.  Even the infamous floral print will hit the stores once again. Lace and fringe remain popular in forms of dresses, blouses and pants. Don’t be afraid to wear a tribal skirt with a striped short—the more original, the better.

As vintage fashions have recently been popular, designers seem to be inspired by the women of the 50s. Marc Jacobs seems to have perfected this look by combining feminine silhouette with the classic modern glam that we all love.  He once again encourages both the crop top and anything high-waisted, but paired with preppy ginghams and cat-eye sunglasses.

Accessories have also taken a plunge into the summer pool.  Women are stacking their wrists with chunky bangles of all colors and patterns to give an outfit a more bohemian look. The typical cross-body purse is still around, but with a lot more tribal and animal prints like snake and alligator.

It looks like this summer’s fashion will be a hit. Hopefully, the weather will be hot enough to lounge on lakes and still look fabulous.

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