Blog — 5 Tips for Mastering Albion College

In my final days on Albion College’s campus, I find myself getting increasingly sentimental about my experiences here. Sure, Albion and I have had our ups and downs. And, as a senior, I feel obligated to impart some of the wisdom I have picked up along the way. Here are just five of the many things I have learned in order to master Albion College.

1)    Work The System…Before It Works You

You might complain about Res Life, the Registrar, Financial Aid, the President’s Office, the Office of Student Affairs. But here’s the deal. Those folks in Fergueson hold the instant-win card. I would know. I’ve tried.

The other thing I’ve learned is how nice all of those people are if you are willing to take the time. As a student, you may be upset about something and rightfully so, but your best bet towards getting it resolved is to be firm and clear, and make sure you are addressing the right individual.

2)    Great Room-mates or Great Housing?

For those of us upperclassmen, this one is a no-brainer: never underestimate the value of a great room-mate. They are hard to come by and once you have found one, hang on. It is always better to settle for a pleasant existence in Burns, than a hap-hazard and stressful one in The Manor.

3)    Don’t Lie

This should be a motto for life, but in case it isn’t: don’t lie. Especially to professors. When your grandfather has died for the fifth time since you started your career at Albion, your professors know. Like anything at Albion, words gets around.

Besides, professors are people, too. Just be honest. You may not get that extension you were fishing for, but you will earn significantly more respect and that will really work out for your grade in the long run.

4)    You May Actually Be Better Than Everyone Else, But Acting Like It Makes You a Jerk

While it is possible that you are the best person in attendance at Albion College—but, please, on the off-chance that you are not, don’t act like it.

No one cares what grades and awards you get, what greek letters you were, which professor is overseeing your FURSCA or how long your signature is on Gmail, you’re a jerk and we all know it.

5)    Albion’s Best-Kept Secret is Career Development

They share an office with Intercultural Affairs, and you may not even be quite sure where they are located in Fergueson. But Mary Jones, director for Career Development, runs a great office with qualified and helpful staff. The trick is, in order to have a meaningful experience, you have to be honest, and know what questions you want to ask.

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