Albion’s Slogan Rumor Put To Rest — Staff and students propose new slogans for Albion

Albion College recently discarded its most recent slogan, “Always Thinking.” Rumor has it that Albion is working towards another slogan. There are many different phrases students suggested, but the fact is that the college will not be getting a new slogan.

“We’ve had several slogans over the last 20 years, but now it’s time to take a break,” said Donna Randall, President of Albion College. “We don’t need another one.”

Randall believes that slogans are really only helpful in getting prospective students to remember the school.

“Slogans can be effective if they are distinct or unique, but we are moving on to get more value, because slogans don’t appeal to current students,” Randall said.  “Slogans can be too flaky, and its hard to capture the experience of Albion life.”

Georgiana Inggrid, Bandung, Indonesia first-year, agrees that a slogan does not really matter.

“When I first opened the website, I saw the slogan, and I thought, ‘I like that,’” Inggrid said.  “At the time, it made me think the college was cool, but I think a slogan is really only an advertisement, so now that I’m here, it doesn’t matter or affect me.”

Mia Morandi, Birmingham senior, agrees as well.

“I’d be concerned if a prospective student ever made their school decision based on a slogan,” said Morandi.  “I think attending and graduating students acknowledge it at as a marketing tool but it really doesn’t have any affect on them.”

Students seem to be unaffected by the slogan throughout their experience at Albion.  Morandi recalls her past experience with slogans and how it didn’t influence her.

“I think [the slogan] was ‘Liberal Arts at Work,’” Morandi said.  “Since I barely remember it, that’s a good indication that it really held no sway over my decision.  I chose my school where I felt most comfortable, not who had the catchiest saying,” Morandi said.

Randall assures students that they will not be thinking about a new slogan for a while.

“There is nothing in the works,” Randall said.  “We don’t intend to have another slogan for at least several years.”

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