Pleiad Wins Major Awards — Proud mothers cry and ask for photos

Monday March 26 marked a special occasion in the Pleiad’s illustrious history. The Pleiad was awarded the first ever “Best Newspaper Ever” award as well as “Most Read Newspaper.”
 The awards were given out by a coalition of the mothers of Pleiad’s staff’ members.
“I know our readership is mostly our mothers, but this is truly an honor, and I am overcome with emotion,” said Dick Niamond, Rochester NY first-year and assistant copy editor.
The awards came in the mail in the form of two heavily decorated paper plates. In addition to the awards, cookies, toothpaste and other essentials as well as notes of encouragement were also sent.
Other awards included “Best Staffer,” “Best Writer” and “Hardest Worker.”  Those awards were won in a 17-way tie between every staffer.

“We just couldn’t choose one staff member. My handsome little Dane Mickovack is so talented, I had to vote for him,” said Micki Mickovack, mother of Sports Editor.

Plans are already in motion to frame awards and to start a Pleiad trophy case to be housed in the Kellogg Center. This is the highest honor awarded to the Pleiad in its 100 plus years of existence.

“We really can only go up from here, now we know that all 17 mothers of the staff members read the paper we might actually get a student or two,” said Justin Marcantowel, Jackson senior. “I’m excited to see where the Pleiad goes on from here.”

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