Midnight Madness — Ultimate Frisbee Team Makes NCAA Finals

The clock hasn’t struck midnight yet for the Albion College Mignight Ultimate Frisbee team. After a stunning upset over top-seed Hampshire College, the Ultimate Frisbee team has made the finals of the NCAA’s annual Midnight Madness tournament. Albion scored on a final-second touchdown catch by Larry Wiseman. The passer, Tom Fisher, completed the throw without even spilling the unidentified drink in his hand.

“I guess it was a pretty good throw,” Fisher said loudly, before adding, “wait, what?”
The Britons will now travel to Fairbanks, Alaska for the final round of the tournament, where they will face the University of California-Santa Cruz Banana Slugs.

“I’m pretty sure its like, cold in Alaska all the time or something. Not that I notice the cold while I’m playing.” said Captain Trevor VanOverbeek. “Is it even dark at midnight in Alaska that time of year?”

It’s been a long season for the Britons, who have been extremely lucky that the early-season wrist injury to Wiseman did not affect their tournament seed. No one knows the source of the injury, but several members of the team have consistently made fun of him for it.
However, Albion’s run through the tournament has made them this year’s Cinderella favorite. After an opening-round defeat of Sarah Lawrence College, the media started taking the team seriously.

“We’re pretty surprised by our success, to be honest,” Fisher said, who seemed to have trouble looking me in the eye. “We’re not sure how we keep winning.”

When asked about what adjustments they might make in practice, the team simply laughed.

“Dude, frisbee is a Wednesday thing, you know?” said Wiseman. “On Thursdays I have to go to the alley.”

Next week’s finals will be the Britons greatest test. The UCSC team is historically one of the best in the country.

“I’m pretty sure their coach doesn’t allow them to bring cups onto the field, so at least we’ll be having more fun,” said VanOverbeek.

“They have a coach?” was Wiseman’s only response.

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