Hidden Bunker Sparks Debate — Campus Safety “hiding spot” under fire

On Sunday April 1, Faculty and administration members signed a pledge to support Campus Safety’s policy for handling confiscated goods. There is a large quantity of contraband and limited space to put it, except for in their underground storage unit.

The location of the bunker can’t be confirmed, but it’s speculated that it resides somewhere under the Kellogg Center.

“Oh, it’s there,” said an anonymous Campus Safety officer.  “And it’s a shame we have to come under fire for it; it’s been a really good place for storing things.”

The bunker houses contraband materials from the student population. Items such as firearms, alcohol and illegal narcotics are stored.

But now the bunker has been taking considerable backlash from the flimsy rumor that Campus Safety is “misusing” the purpose of the storage room. Officers have reportedly snuck down to the bunker to smoke illegal substances and drink excessive amounts of liquor.

“That is most assuredly not true,” the anonymous source said. “We’re a respected part of the campus here at Albion, and we would do nothing to jeopardize that.”

The animosity and rumors have seeped into the student population. “Down with Campo” posters have started popping up around the Kellogg Center, and in some instances, students have camped out in front of the rock entire nights at a time because they believe that’s where the bunker entrance is.

“It’s crazy,” said Jacqueline Hastins, Novi junior.  “If students find this bunker, the whole campus will go postal and blow it way out of proportion.”


Photo provided by Albion College


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