Generic Sports Story — Headline that says who won the game

Do all Pleaid sports articles start with a rhetorical question? The second sentence is usually optimistic, because chances are the article isn’t really. Then comes the score of the actual game, which is often Albion losing.

At the beginning of the second paragraph, someone who had a really good game is mentioned. Usually it’s the same person that had a good game last week. Then another player who scored or something is mentioned, because I couldn’t get an interview with the first guy.

“Here is a quote from the second guy, and its usually just a long version of saying he had a good game,” said someone you might know, senior from somewhere in West Michigan probably. “Maybe a follow-up quote about how it was a team effort.”

Here their recent schedule is described. More often than not, they’re really only doing ok. I’ll set myself up for a quote from the coach about the recent schedule.

“We’ve had some tough matches lately,” the coach will say. “But we’re working hard in practice, and the morale of the team is very high right now.”

Maybe I’ll start previewing the next week or two, but I have 100 words left so I’ll definitely make sure to get another quote from a player.

I’ll introduce the quote by saying that even though they lost, the team is still optimistic. “Then someone will compliment his teammates on their attitude,” said a different guy than the first quote. I’ll follow this up with his recent stats, or maybe set myself up for the coach agreeing.

“Here will be a quote about all the progress the team has made since the beginning of the season,” said the Coach. “Then he’ll say he’s looking to his seniors to step up down the stretch.”

Here I’ll mention their next opponent, and maybe even the last time they played that opponent.

“Its always good to end articles with optimistic quotes from the coach.”

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Jay Winkler is a 5th-year Political Science major from Royal Oak, MI. He writes sports because if he wasn't he'd be thinking about sports anyways.

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