Ten things students should never forget when stressed

Let’s face it, college is stressful.  Balancing the grades, clubs, friends and parties can get a little overwhelming.  Good and bad days are inevitable.

Midterms are over and the semester is halfway done, but that doesn’t exactly mean the weight is lifted off our shoulders.  We still have commitments to various activities, papers, finals, summer jobs and multiple long nights ahead. So, what can we do? Take a deep breath and take my advice.

  1. Evaluate what is really important – Does that one bad quiz grade really matter? Will that nasty meal at Baldwin end the world? When people have a bad day, there tends to be an emphasis on the smaller petty things that are just constantly complained about.  Look around at the big picture and realize that tomorrow, it won’t matter the slightest bit.
  2. Alone time – It’s important to spend a little quality time with yourself once and awhile.  Sometimes you need to sit back and evaluate what is going on.
  3. You’re not always in control – You’re also not a mind reader and you cannot look into the future.  It’s OK.
  4. No people pleasing – Trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations is never helpful.  Do what you feel is right and follow your gut.
  5.  Don’t give up – Keep going and keep your head up. If you are doing something that is important to you, get it done.
  6. You will not always be right – Being wrong is OK sometimes, it gives you a chance to learn and understand life a little more.
  7. See your friends – Friends are the best medicine to bring up your mood and ambition.  They will push you, tell you the truth, and most of all, listen.
  8. Take a break – Going non-stop will eventually bring anyone down.  It may feel like you’re not getting anything done, but a break is the best way to catch your breath and get a look from the outside.
  9. Hydration – Water will give you all the energy you need!  You don’t need to feed your body with caffeine and energy drinks.
  10. Be happy – Self-explanatory.

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