Albion on the Map — Albion students attend local rally with Mitt Romney

It’s not every day that the city of Albion gets national recognition. Earlier this week, however, media and citizens alike flocked to Caster Concepts in Albion, MI. to attend a rally for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
A portion of the crowd in attendance was made up of Albion students. Al Pheley, director of the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Public Policy and Service, was in charge of organizing students to attend the Feb. 27 rally. A turn out of 62 Albion College students spend the afternoon listening to Romney speak.
“I went to hear what Romney had to say,” said Liz Frenkowski, Washington junior. “I’m not quite sure who I like yet out of the Republican candidates, so this was interesting. I’m also here to support the community during this major event.”

Romney touched on issues of the current president, national debt, business and the economy.  It was this last issue that Chris Blaker, Farmington Hills sophomore, who also attended the rally, was so impressed with.

“I think Romney has great ideas,” Blaker said. “He’s the only one who is consistent and I think he can turn the economy around, especially with his business experience. It was a great opportunity to hear him speak.”

While most of the Albion College students who attended the rally were thrilled at the prospect of having the opportunity to hear what the presidential candidate had to say, several students had a different outlook.

A Facebook event group attempting to organize a protest formed shortly after it was known that Romney would be speaking. While the actual protest event itself was unsuccessful, members of the organizing Facebook group still held strong opinions against the candidate.

Ted Thompson, Oak Park, IL. sophomore considered attending the protest. When asked why, Thompson responded, “To me, Mitt Romney represents a backwards way of thinking and I believe his leadership will cause America’s problems to grow.”

Although no Albion College students showed up to protest the event, a single demonstrator stood outside Caster Concepts, holding a sign that promoted Newt Gingrich and waving at passing cars.

Regardless of any harsh feelings against him, Romney went on to narrowly win the Michigan Republican Primary over Rick Santorum on Tuesday night. You can read that story here.

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