Welcome to the Club — Patty Rewa adds her name to list of Albion’s 1000 point scorers.

The thousand-point club in Albion Women’s Basketball hasn’t added a new member in almost a decade. With her 23-point performance against Alma last Wednesday, Patty Rewa is now it’s seventh member.

Rewa’s performance put her at seventh all-time in scoring at Albion, and she has since moved up to sixth with 1053 career points. Her 372 points this season has already beat last year’s 368 mark with at least one game and the first round of the MIAA tournament left to play.

The statistics are striking, especially when you consider that Rewa also leads the team in blocks, rebounds, and field goal percentage. But coach Doreen Carden put it best, “We’re a better team with Patty out there.”

Carden first noticed Rewa at a camp in Gaylord in 2006, after Rewa’s junior year. The Britons were losing their post players, and Rewa fit those needs.

“She obviously had the potential to be a real good player,” Carden said.  “She really communicates out there.”

“I had never heard of Albion before Coach talked to me.” Rewa said. She was immediately impressed by the coaching staff. “They were all very informative, inviting, they seemed liked they’d be good coaches, respected the players, and they thought academics as well as athletics were really important.”

Rewa has started every game since her Freshman year, but even early on she didn’t let the pressure get to her.

“I just tried to take things in stride,” Rewa said.

While her numbers are extremely impressive, Carden has always been struck by Rewa’s drive and determination. Carden has relied on Rewa to be a leader, whether she’s in the game or not.

“She goes hard every game. With that confidence, she’s going to compete every single game,”  Carden said. “Even when she’s on the bench, she tries to be encouraging, tell people what they’re doing wrong. She never stops communicating.”

Despite starting her entire career, Rewa has always recognized that there is room for improvement. Like all first-years, the coaches worked on her defense, and it has payed off to improve her post presence.

“As a freshman I fouled a lot, so I got limited playing time,” Rewa said.  “And my offense has definitely improved.”

Coach Carden is satisfied with Rewa’s improvement over the years.  Initially, Rewa struggled with balance.

“She’s really improved,” Carden said. “She’s matured a ton.”

While Rewa has made her name at Albion on the court, the senior Psychology major is ready to see what else is out there.

“Right now I’m looking to find a job and go from there,” Rewa said.  “Take a year off and see if I can go to school after that.

As far as her future in basketball goes, Rewa believes its time to move on.

“For now I think I’m done,” Rewa said.  “I’m ready to take the next step.”

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