Trips and Study Abroad shed new light — Albion students speak about current and past trips abroad

Albion students made their mark around the world over break and last semester. Trips spanned to each part of the globe to diverse areas like France and Australia to a little of our own Michigan charm.

Allen Park junior Alex Seasock on France

I essentially had to learn to walk again, talk again, and look at people in a different way–literally! I chose Grenoble, France, basically because it was a unique city in a very unique location. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised to learn many new cultural elements of my particular region, in addition to having the opportunity to travel elsewhere in Europe. I can honestly say, though, that some of my favorite experiences were over a cup of coffee at a small café in the city, or a conversation with a Frenchman. They are the little things that have brought me closer to the country and its people.

Redford first-year Travis Miracle on Cameroon

Cameroon well exceeded the expectations I had for it. Even with taking the course and learning about how it would be, actually being there blew away anything I could have expected. I thought that it would be sort of fun, with lots of boring bus rides with nothing to do but stare at trees. Actually, the bus rides were half the fun. We saw so many things from the bus that most people will never see i their whole life, like a pile of pineapples bigger than a person. I expected the people to also treat us like tourists, but most of the people we met accepted us and made us feel like family.

Milan senior Sarah Towler on Austrailia

I think [the biggest shock] was just realizing that home wasn’t just a few hours away, like I could if I was just in Florida or some other state. I have always wanted to go to Australia, and they speak English. I expected to see more wild life, but I was living in Sydney, so I didn’t see as much as I would have liked to. The first week we spent in Cairns. There we went scuba diving, snorkeling, pet kangaroos, held a koala, and a snake. I really learned how to be independent, because, like I said before, home wasn’t just a few hours away- it was over 24!

Canton sophomore Matthew LeFevre on Flint

My fraternity brother, Zach Neithercut, was hosting a New Years party. He lives in the nice area of Flint, and at first I couldn’t understand why the city had carried such a bad reputation… that was until midnight. When the ball dropped we did the ceremonial Faygo shot gun, and I stepped outside to call my girlfriend.  We wished each other a happy new year and talked for a few seconds, that when I heard it. It was a very distinct “whizzing” that ended with a solid THUD. It was a bullet. It had landed near me, maybe 30 feet or so. I was going to go investigate the landing area when another partygoer on the porch suggested we go inside, incase another bullet was en route.  I agreed and retreated to the safety of Zach’s house. The incident, while alarming, didn’t tarnish my memory of the party or the town, but I did gain a new found understanding of where Flint’s reputation came from.

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