Top Five Reasons Baldwin’s Actually Pretty Great

I’ve heard whispering and open hate on New Baldwin that, to me, has been unwarranted. Here are my top five reasons not to hate on Baldwin:

1. Breakfast.
Every day for hot breakfast, a kind, smiling woman will handcraft you a personal omelet and in three to five minutes, you will be smiling whilst you enjoy a delicious, made to order meal.
Among the hot foods, a scrumptious spread of breads and muffins are made available with a variety of jams, butters, and cream cheeses. While a little adventurous with the pineapple cream cheese making an appearance for a while, who’s to say we can’t do with a little oddity in our lives?
And waffles. Every. Single. Day. I can handle that.

2. Salad bar.
Freshly chopped Romaine lettuce? Eight different dressings? Four kinds of cold salads? Do we live amongst kings to deserve this?  With so many choices available, I don’t think I’ve had the same salad twice since I’ve been here.

3. Dinner and lunch options.
I’m not sure how, in my 19 years, I managed with just one choice given to me. Parents:  now conditioned by Baldwin, I expect at least three main dishes offered with inspirations sourcing from home-style, Mexican, Italian, and global cooking styles. And let me remind you that this must happen every day.

Should you not like one of the four main dishes, slide on down to the sandwich section. Easy, premade sandwiches along with about one bonkzillion different types of dressings ranging from pesto mayonnaise to the classic yellow mustard.  If none of that sounds good, I suggest you try dirt because that’s all that’s left.

4. Dessert.
I mean, it’s delicious. Cookies, brownies.  All the classics make an appearance.
Toppings for the ice cream—marshmallows, nuts, sprinkles, and candies—are endless.
Straight up, it’s a solid front.
(The only thing I will take complaints about is the lack of Moosetracks in the ice cream selection. That’s important.)

5. They listen to student suggestions.

More pizza on the menu. Moving the breakfast station out of the corner. Bring back the pizza maker!

Boom. Done.

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Lauren Ridenour is a senior from Troy, Michigan, majoring in English and Anthropology/Sociology. Interested in features and campus issues, she has written and edited for the paper for three years.

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