Stockwell Overhaul — Renovations to continue to the library

The Library has recently gone through a makeover in the past year, but it’s not going to stop at Cutler Commons. The twenty- year plan for Albion College’s new look has just begun, and the library alone has a couple more renovations to go through.

“The goal is to open up Stockwell so it’s a sunlit atrium. It will be stunning with all the different floors,” said Albion College President Donna Randall.

She explained that the second phase of the Stockwell overhaul is to open up the stacks to make them more useful and enjoyable. A lot of the books will be moved to Mudd and placed in new, organized, compact shelving.

“This is a big project,” Randall said.

The architecture team (MCF Archetecture) plans to keep the classical look of Stockwell on the outside, while bringing a new feeling into the inside.  The new design will take away small study rooms and the cozy, closed in shelves of the old Stacks.

“There’s going to be a lot of rooms and tables for study areas,” Randall said.  There will be a variety of room sizes and resources because they are important and utilized by the student body.

Students seem to have mixed feelings on the new look thus far.

“It does look more new, but I think it looks really nice,” says Leah Parker, a Plymouth first- year student. Some students have concern that the traditional beauty will be crushed with Randall’s modern image.”

Tony Marchello, an Ann Arbor first- year, said, “I approve of what they have done so far, but I think that’s as far as they should go. The money could go to something more useful like fixing the streets or helping the town.”

Most of the library staff love the new look and feel of Stockwell.

Librarian Alice Moore said, “Students seem to like the new space.”

“In some ways it would be sad,” she added about the pending renovation of the stacks because they will be slightly diminished.

Co-Director of Stockwell, Michael Van Houden said he was thrilled about what has been done so far.

“I think they did a good job sort of keeping the classic elements with the architecture and elements… mixing in more modern and colorful furniture I think it livens it up a little bit,” said Van Houten.

There’s no set date as to when the renovation will be complete, but Randall said it is “worth waiting for.”

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