Proposal 1 — A smaller, stronger and smarter Constitution

Student Senate has been working on a new constitution and new bylaws that the student body will be able to vote on Feb. 21, 22 and 23.

The new Constitution and bylaws have been titled “Proposal 1.”

“For two years I’ve met with attorneys and held countless meetings with students to help develop Proposal 1,” said Casey Hoffman, Menominee senior and student body president. “The result of our efforts is a constitution that better serves the Albion College student body.”

Proposal 1 will bring changes to the Albion College Student Senate’s Constitution and bylaws that have been necessary for a while.

The current Constitution is set up in a way that has multiple weak committees. Proposal 1 will create three main committees that will deal with all of Albion’s affairs.

The Appropriations and Finances Committee will  be in charge of distributing money to the groups and clubs on campus from the student activity fee.

The Engagement Committee is dedicated to brining spirit to the campus as well as helping to improve the relationship between Albion College and the town of Albion.

Finally, the Student and Academic Affairs Committee will deal with any problems the student body has such as food, residential life and other academic issues such as tenure reviews for professors.

Furthermore, Proposal 1 will rid the ridiculous possibilities for removal from Student Senate.

“They allow elected students to be removed from the Student Senate for not being seated in a chair, for speaking out of turn or for using a cell phone while at a Student Senate meeting,” said Hoffman. “If I followed our current rules, I would have to kick off every elected student from the Senate, including myself.”

Proposal 1 will also allow a case-by-case evaluation of any accusation of misconduct by a Senator.

“Any student who is well informed cannot logically think it’s a bad idea when they look at our current constitution and bylaws,” said Hoffman. “I hope student will join me in approving Proposal 1 for the sake of student government in the future at Albion college.”

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