LGBriTS Tell All — ‘Inspirational’ conference held in Iowa

At four in the morning on Feb. 10 eleven Albion LGBriTS’ embarked on a trip to Iowa State University. They were part of a group of about 1,700 people participating in the Midwest Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Allied College Conference (MBLGTACC).

“We go to MBLGTACC to fill up on inspiration for the entire year,” said LGBriTS president, Harriet ‘Riet’ Groenleer, Grand Rapids senior, . “We learn so much and are so honored to be around people just like us who nevertheless are accomplishing huge things.”

Students, faculty, and administrators came from schools across the country to join together and go to workshops. The point is to learn of people’s experiences, and to spread awareness of gender and sexual minorities.

“One [workshop] I went to was about mixed orientation relationships and another called Confronting Christianity,” said Hannah Allgaier, Ortonville sophomore.

For some, the trip was about gaining knowledge rather than spreading the word or searching for one’s self.

“What I pulled from it was much more personal than an exploring kind of thing… a context of who I am in the historical sense,” said Nickolai Perry, an Allen Park sophomore. On his second trip to MBLGTACC, he took history workshops that showed Gender and Sexual Minority (GSM) people throughout the years.

Perry also took workshops on varying races and types of homosexuals.

“Any brand or shade of person can be Queer,” he said. “Vocabulary is important, and MBLGTACC educates people in terms.”

Members of the GSM Community got to bond with each other over this weekend not only through the workshops, but also through fun!

“There was a drag show and a dance on Saturday which was cool,” said Allgaier. Pandora Boxx was also featured on Rupaul’s Drag Race as part of the festivities on Saturday night.

The MBLGTACC is an experience that students from Albion and other schools around the country take every year. It spreads awareness and helps people grow.

“It really does change your life,” said Groenleer.

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