Haunted library bathroom myth busted

Does Albion’s library have a Moaning Myrtle?

Similar to “Harry Potter”, a continuous rumor has circulated throughout Albion that the second-floor Stockwell bathroom is haunted by a woman, who supposedly committed suicide inside of it in the 1920’s. Students are somewhat apprehensive to use this bathroom due to this eerie rumor, however, this myth has been busted.

“No one has ever committed suicide in the Stockwell bathrooms,” said Nicole Garrett, library archivist.  “The building was only built in 1938, so compared to other buildings on campus, it’s fairly new.”

The men’s bathroom stalls are pink and the women’s stalls are dark green, which does seem a little strange. The rumor states that women of the time were terrified to use the bathroom after the incident, so the school reversed the bathrooms to avoid the problem.

“None of the library staff knows of the bathroom’s being changed,” Garrett said.  “The women’s bathroom doesn’t have space for a urinal, so that’s pretty unlikely.”

The question remains of where this rumor started and why.  It is possible that students simply watched a little too much “Harry Potter” and crafted a new version out of boredom.

It is not doubted that the bathroom has a creepy feeling to it, because it is a strange structure and space.  But, there does not seem to be any sort of haunted ghost story behind it.

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  1. I’d never heard from anyone the story about it being haunted. I just assumed it was. Every time I go in there, it feels like someone is watching me and once when I was in there and saw a stall door close by itself. I was washing my hands and I noticed some movement in the mirror. I looked up and saw the door close in the mirror. Then I took off. It did not close slow like it was just the AC pushing it but it did not slam either.

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