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There is a new feature on the Albion home page: The student experience video. This short video shows off the aesthetics of the campus, the academics, and the extra activities one can do here at the college.

“This is what happens every day… there’s so much going on; there’s so much to do,” said Joshua Merchant, vice president for institutional advancement.

He explained that no other university has the feature of not just the video, but the fact that anyone who wishes could take clips from the full film and make their own “day.”

It’s unique, personal, and, in Merchant’s words, “Its like, boom! Here we are.” The video was made mostly for prospective students looking to become a student. Merchant said Albion has already nearly doubled its deposits from last year with help from the enhancements made by the school’s advertising.

“I checked it out and thought it was cool,” said Rochester junior Lizzy Morley.  “New students will probably find that useful.”

When Albion students were asked about the Student Experience video, the general consensus was that it was interesting and relatively nice to look at. Some, though, simply did not know what they could do with the video.

“It just takes up the main screen,” said Patrick Zimmer, Dayton, Ohio first-year.

Merchant explained that new students can create their own day and then release it on any social networking page. This way they can spread the word to high school friends, college counselors, and their families. Merchant also believes that the video provides an opportunity for out of state and international students to get a virtual tour of Albion.

“It’s like wearing an Albion sweatshirt,” said Merchant.  “It shows pride.”

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