Q & A with Tre Ishmon — Athlete and performer

Following in a recent trend, Albion College Theatre Department has an athlete take center stage in their upcoming theatre production of Earl the Vampire.

Following the footsteps of many current athletes performing in plays and musicals, sophomore Tre Ishmon of Milan just landed the lead role as Earl in “Earl the Vampire” and balances being on stage with Track workouts.

The theatre athletes before him include cross country and track runner, and diver sophomore Paul Lewis of Albion, senior track runner Effrem Grettenberger of Albion and sophomore track and field thrower Branden Vock of Flint who have all performed in the last few years on stage.

The Pleiad sat down with Ishmon to get his feelings on the upcoming production.

What exactly is “Earl the Vampire” about?

It’s a comedy about a modern day version of how life would be for a modern vampire. Like their lives are still secret but they don’t want to hide.

Is this your first theatre production?

I’ve never been in one, never even tried out, but apparently I did something right.

Why did you decide to try out?

I always wanted to be the next Fresh Prince (of Bel-Air). I was always good with voices like cartoons, Kronk from the “Emperor’s New Groove” and Martin the Martian. I wanted to make people laugh.

What were your feelings when you found out?

I didn’t see the list…another guy told me and I was stunned and terrified. I was not expecting to get the lead role. Me and Dave (Wunderlich) never had any experience and we both got lead roles.

As an athlete, how does dedication to theatre differ from dedication on the field or on the track?

It is not as taxing on the body or mind, but it is more nerve wracking than running or smashing into someone. For me, sports forms character and being in a play forms perspective.

What are you most nervous about?

I’m nervous about remembering when I have a line and also probably doing the old school Dracula accent. I’m supposed to be the traditional creepy ‘emo’ vampire so I’m the only one who has to do the accent.

Do you think people treat you differently?

No, I think they are excited to work with me. I felt a little out of place, like nervous that I wasn’t a ‘drama geek’ like I’m not the type. But now there are people in the play I am growing fond of, it’s really a no judgment place and I like meeting the new people.

So how do you feel now that you are apart of Vampire Mania like Twilight?

Oh man, this is nothing like Twilight. It’s actually funny and witty.

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