Introductory Blog Post — Welcome to the Inside of my Mind; Pets Allowed

I know what you’re probably thinking: “who is this guy and why is he talking to me about satire?” The answers to these two questions are quite simple, my name is Chris and I’m beginning a satirical blog on the Pleiad. After some pretty intense bouts of crippling boredom and a brief stint on this social networking account called “Twitter”, it seems that other people have categorized me and the things produced from my mind as funny. If the gratification from this seemingly impossible occurrence wasn’t awesome enough, these other people also happened to work at the Pleiad. Even more incredible, they actually decided to offer me a job and are going to pay me to think up satirical stories to post into this blog. These stories will be made up by me, most likely at some absurd hour of the early morning while I blast noisy rock music through my headphones (as I am currently doing). The content of these satirical stories will read in a similar manner to a regular news article, that is if you take away the news and add a healthy dose of whatever absurdity is rattling around up in my head at the moment. New posts are coming soon, so I hope you all are ready to enjoy some of the best fake reporting on the most interesting fake news that I made up.

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