Albion’s second semester is kicked off with wellness

The new semester not only brings a new class schedule and wardrobe, but also the start of new wellness across campus.

The Wellness Program at Albion College has made considerable efforts in engaging students and staff with their body physically and spiritually.  The wellness committee, which includes a mix of professors and students, believes that people are in charge of their body by creating a healthy environment for themselves.  The program’s goal is to educate the Albion College community in various ways in order to promote a new beneficial lifestyle that will have lasting effects.

“With knowledge of your own health, you will be able to help your doctor to help you live a healthier, longer, and more productive life.” said Thomas Johnson, director and co-chair of the wellness committee. “Albion College’s Campus Wellness Program will help you become the CEO of your health.”

Wellness does not simply mean running on the treadmill for 40 minutes or starting a low-calorie diet, but actually understanding why these actions make life healthier.

“We find that a lot of times, people just don’t know what changes to make.” said Amanda Weaver, committee member and Marshall Junior. “It is our goal to answer all of their questions and lead them in the right direction.”

This semester the program will offer an area called “The Depot”, located on top of the Grounds Department, which will be dedicated to the wellness purpose.  Along with the new space, there will be a variety of programs for the college in “The Stack”, the Dow, and Dance Studio.

Haley Gitre, Commerce sophomore, is Zumba certified and holds work-out sessions Monday 12:00-12:30 and Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-10:00.

“I think that Zumba is an awesome way for college students to stay in shape without feeling the pressure that going to the gym can bring on.” Gitre said “It is just a huge dance party where people are free to interact and dance while sweating and being healthy.”

Students and staff can also engage themselves with walking in the KC, Nia, yoga, personal training, and even a chance to talk with doctors from the Oaklawn Hospital.

“We hope to see a lot more involvement from the students, faculty, and staff this semester.” Weaver said. “As we are offering some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to turn bad health habits around and change lives forever.”

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