Opinion: I’m Judging You — What not to wear this winter on campus

As winter weather approaches, student wardrobes are switching to garments more appropriate for colder weather. Maybe I should say TRYING, because frankly, some of the things I’ve seen people flaunting on the way to class are questionable.

I’m no style guru, but there are some obvious fashion faux pas that seem to be encouraged by  snow and chilly temperatures on Albion’s campus. These absolute no-no’s include, but are not limited to:

1. Ugg boots with shorts.
If it’s cold enough to wear boots, it’s not warm enough to wear shorts. Enough said.

2. Leggings
A. Leggings are not pants. This is an old argument, I know. But see-through tights aren’t that classy. The only way leggings are okay is if you’re wearing a sweater or shirt that covers at least some of your butt.

B. Leggings should also not be worn under shorts, for reasons similar to number one. It’s winter people, put your jean shorts and Soffees away until May.

3. Peacoat with sweatpants.
A work-appropriate coat paired with the sweats you slept in…it’s a confusing combo. Sometimes opposites work well together, like peanut butter and jelly, but this isn’t the elementary school cafeteria, and you look silly.

4. Rain boots
Snow and rain are two different types of precipitation. It would then only make sense for there to be two different types of footwear available. Use your common sense! During the winter you’re supposed to wear the warmer, non-rubber boots with better tread. They even make cuter, less clunky styles, so save the rain boots for April.

5. Socks and flip-flops
This looks dumb year round (unless you’re an athlete going to/coming from practice). I get it: Adidas flip-flops are worn to fit your feet perfectly, so instead of causing your feet the pain of different shoes, you think its okay to add some socks to keep those toes warm on the way to class, right? Wrong.

6. Heels
They can be a challenge to walk in when there isn’t ice on every sidewalk, so it can’t be any easier when there actually is. This rule is here for your own good and avoidance of humiliation – if you slip and fall on your butt, I might have to snicker to myself before asking if you’re okay.

Violating any of these rules doesn’t make you bad person, just one who looks ridiculous.

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  1. Fashion goes out the window during undergrad. I’ve never worn sweatpants outside of my house before or since my time at Albion.

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