“It’s Complicated with Belle Voce”—Singers highlight the ups and downs of love and relationships

The all-women accappella group Belle Voce performed their latest concert, “It’s Complicated with Belle Voce” last night.

By singing love songs—from heart-wrenching ballads to ooey-gooey pop—the group decided on the popular Facebook relationship status as their concert’s theme.

“Generally we pick the songs first and see what theme comes out of it,” said Jillian McManaman, Saginaw sophomore. “It’s fun to sing a variety, and it’s not always current pop songs.”

The show opened with a Supremes Medley, the piece filled with harmonies and well-structured movements for the entire group.

From eight to fifteen girls, their increased size allowed the group to perform more complex arrangements and harmonies said McManaman.

“We can get some really great harmonies with a bigger group,” said Lauren Roberts, Saline senior, music director of Belle Voce. “This year, we have a much broader range of singers. There are girls who can sing more country songs and some more rock songs.”

The group showed off their skills with highlights such as “Come on Over”, sung by Dorothy Cheng, Ann Arbor sophomore, “I’m the Only One” sung by Chelsea Abell Marsh, Williamsburg senior and “You Were Meant for Me” by Rebekah Kroesing, Waterford senior.

The seniors got to decide the songs they wanted to sing, choosing from a list sent out before the year started.

“I taught at a camp for voice this summer and ‘You Were Meant for Me’ was one of the songs I got to teach the kids, so it sounded like a good idea to try it again,” said Kroesing. “I sing opera and Bella Voce is really nice because it’s something fun to do. It’s a release for me.”

While the seniors got a chance for the spotlight, the new members got a chance to perform for their first time.

“I’ve never sung accapella or pop, or really anything of the sort, it’s mostly been classical,” said Rachel Shanker, Clarkston first-year. “I wanted to try something new so I sort of dove right in.”

Learning the parts of an accapella group—like blending, finding the pitches, working without an accompaniment, and singing as a group—all paid off in their “It’s Complicated” performances.

“Belle Voce is probably the thing that I’m most proud of. Singing is a very personal thing to do, and being in a group, it’s an extra commitment to both you and your group,” Roberts said.

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