Attempted muggings raise safety precautions

Extra precautions are being taken as Albion College experienced two attacks only two days apart. These assaults are the first reported by an Albion College student in the past three years.

On Nov. 10 and Nov. 13 two different assault incidents occurred and were reported to Campus Safety.  The first attack happened to a female student at 12:00 a.m. and the second to another female student at 7:30 p.m. Both took place while walking alone near Wesley Hall.

The suspect, identified as a 5’9” male, told the women to “give me your money.”  In both instances the victims responded by saying they did not having any. The man then pushed them to the ground and ran away in the opposite direction.

These two occurrences raise concerns about how safe students are on campus.

Kenneth Snyder, director of Campus Safety immediately notified the Albion College community.

“In these instances the most important thing that we can do is let students and staff knows about the incidents so that they can be alert and take precautions to minimize the chance that they will become victims of a similar incident.” Snyder said. “Campus Safety and Albion Public Safety are investigating both incidents and have increased patrols in the general area.”

A similar incident has not been reported since 2009, where the student was also walking alone at night.

“We always discourage walking alone on campus after dark. We don’t stress that because this is a dangerous town: students are walking alone on this campus all the time and not becoming victims of crime. “ Snyder said. “We stress it because, in the rare instances when we have these types of events, it almost always involves a student walking alone on campus after dark. “

While these instances are rare, students are advised to take extra provision from now on.  Campus Safety suggests to call them or walk with a friend to be safe, and always have keys or Albion ID ready to open a door.

Photo Courtesy of the Albion Facebook page

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