How not to be bored at Albion

Let’s face it: Albion isn’t exactly a classic example of a college town.  There are some good restaurants and bars, but that’s pretty much it.  For the most part, students don’t wander around the town for new adventures and if they do, it’s on a very low income.  Most students stay on campus and look to the fraternity parties for a good time.

But, aha! Exciting things do exist outside of the campus that are cheap, worth a try and may also save your liver.

  1. Ginas Pizza and Deli– Albion’s newest restaurant that is absolutely delicious.  They serve sandwiches, pizza, salads, and various types of coffee.
  2. The Bogar movie theatre– Marshall’s theatre offers FREE movies to all students with their Albion ID, which is a deal that is impossible to pass.
  3. Peter F. Hurst Planetarium– Jackson offers this in the Ella Sharp Park for anyone who is interested.  It has an A-4 star projector within the dome, and could be a great new date spot for a special someone!
  4. Wednesday nights at Cascarelli’s- Four in Trade is an alumnus jazz band that plays weekly. Enjoy some great music and food!
  5. Sweet Seasons Orchard– Who doesn’t love apple cider? This mill has apples, cider, donuts, bread, jam, and more!  Even the smell is enticing.
  6. Union Board– This student-run organization offers really fun and free activities every week.  They also have trips to East Lansing and Ann Arbor, so you can visit your high-school friends or just get out of Albion for an afternoon.
  7. Turkeyville– Since 1968, Marshall has been offering a look-back in time with corn mazes, turkey, haunted tours, a diner theatre, and an ice cream parlor!  This is also a great way to enjoy the fall weather before the snow arrives.
  8. Antiques- Downtown Marshall is full of cute antique shops to find something unique and new for your dorm room.
  9. Firekeepers Casino– Feeling lucky? If you’re 21 try a little gambling and maybe win some extra cash.
  10. Optimist Ice Arena– Baby, its cold outside. Jackson offers open skating to the public every day for only $3.

So, go be adventurous! Next time you’re bored on campus, give some of these ideas a shot!

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Jillian is senior graduating in 2014 with a double major in English and Anthropology and a member of Alpha Chi Omega. She has a passion for travel and culture, hoping to pursue a career with National Geographic one day. Until then, she enjoys writing, cooking, and playing with her hedgehog. Contact her at, @JillianPutnam .

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