Albion Honors Benefactress of Cutler Commons

With improvements to Stockwell Library complete, the time came to formally recognize Sally Cutler, ’75 alumna, whose endowment made the remodeling possible.

Albion College held a dedication ceremony for Cutler last Friday morning.  The library is now supplied with new technology, furniture, and an overall appearance.  The Stockwell section is completely transformed from the old.

“I was really inspired by Donna Randall’s leadership to start this project and when she came to me with the idea, I was truly excited,” Cutler said. “I consider myself a life-long learner and this seemed like a perfect way to keep education thriving.”

Michael A. Van Houten, Co-Director of Stockwell-Mudd Library, started the dedication with opening remarks about the library, and was succeeded by a student perspective by Jordan E. Kus, Farmington Hills senior.  Donna Randall, Albion College president, expressed gratitude for the new library.

Paul D. Tobias, member of the Board of Trustees, also made remarks on behalf of the Board. Cutler was the last to speak of her donation.

“I am delighted to offer this to the current and future students of Albion,” Cutler said. “Just do not spill coffee on the new keyboards!”

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