Students Get Back to Makin’ Crepes- Campus’ favorite creperie is back in business

Sweet tooth cravings will no longer burden the Albion student population. Makin’ Crepes is returning to the campus!

Makin’ Crepes, a creperie started last year by Matt Makin, ’11 alumnus and Pat McCombs ’11 alumnus, has been non-existent since the end of last semester.  The student-run business is scheduled to reopen as soon as Saturday, Oct. 22.  The business will no longer be run from the former Coffee House building and will be supported as a food cart by Bon Apetit, though it will continue to be student run.

Denny O’Dowd, Virginia Beach senior, is one of the students in charge of the venture this semester.

“The business will be run a bit differently,” O’Dowd said. “We are moving locations from the old coffee shop to an area adjacent to the Eat Shop and may operate some nights right next to the new Albion Grind.”

Bon Apetit will now also be playing a part in the business. They have helped Makin’ Crepes set up the standard operating procedures for the business, as well as offered advice on how to become a legitimate food service venture, O’Dowd said.

“Bon Apetit is not taking over the business,” said Vicki Baker, head of Gerstacker Institute, which oversees Makin’ Crepes. “It’s still a student venture. Bon Apetit has the food service on campus now, so they’re supporting the Makin’ Crepes venture with space, supplies, etc.”

The operating hours will be slightly different than they have been in the past, since they now must accommodate to the hours of the Kellogg Center or the library O’Dowd said.

In addition to the new location, hours and advising role of Bon Apetit, Makin’ Crepes is also going to be advertising its catering service more.

“We are looking to do more events for different groups on campus,” O’Dowd said.

Many students on campus are thrilled to have the creperie up and running again.

“I’m so excited to have them back,” said Allison Palm, Grand Rapids sophomore. “I used to get crepes all the time last semester. It’s such a good idea and it’s awesome that it’s still student run. I can’t wait to get one!”

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