Limited Resources – Albion women’s soccer team struggles with low numbers

Success for The Albion Women’s Soccer Team has been few and far between during an abysmal season.

There are only fifteen players currently on the team- two freshmen, nine returners and three new recruits. Numerous injuries have limited Albion to a small number of substitutes per game. So far the Brits are still awaiting their first victory.

Low numbers forced the Britons to recruit new players from within the college. Ellen Redner, Bloomfield sophomore, is in her second season as a basketball player for the Britons. She played competitive soccer for the first time this year

“I do not have any experience playing soccer really. I played a couple of recreation league games with my church but that was it” Redner said.

Brett De Bear, Plymouth sophomore, is a new first year player who had experience playing soccer, allowing her to contribute to the team immediately. Although she played soccer in high school, De Bear decided not to play her first year at Albion to focus on basketball.

“I played all my life and since we do not have enough players right now I start every game and I get a lot of playing time” De Bear said.

With injuries keeping the already thin lineup limited, the Brits are struggling to find consistent success this season. So far they have been shut out eight times, averaging 5.3 shots a game. Their opponents, who have averaged 18.8 shots per game, have outscored the Britons 56 to 12.

“We are not winning right now because we are in a constant state of transition with injuries and our new coach and the new players”, Redner said. “But with time and practice we are going to improve throughout the year and further on in the future.”

The Britons have a new head coach this year, Tammy Jolly, who spent one year as an assistant coach at Milsap’s College in Mississippi. She had her work cut out for her this year with an undermanned squad.

“It is difficult for a new coach to come into a new program,”Rachel Kain, Canton senior, said. “But with the help of our coaching staff and the leaders on the team we have made it the most successful season that we could.”

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  1. I’m an alum who was back on campus for Homecoming so I was able to walk over and watch part of the Albion vs. St. Mary’s soccer game. I thought the Lady Brits played with a lot of spunk. It was an enjoyable game and if I lived nearby I would definitely support and attend more of their games.

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