Briton Trivia — Did you know ‘The Rock’ is a repeat?

The “Rock” sat on the quad  for nearly 100 years and before mysteriously vanishing in 1992.

The original “Rock”, which was never painted, was a class gift from the class of 1900 and the “Rock” we know today is its colorful successor.

The original was allegedly moved to accomodate the extensive renovations of Robinson Hall that took place in the summer of 1992.

According to one account, the original Albion “Rock” had 1900 engraved in one side. Over time, this engraving wore off and the builders working on Robinson cast the boulder aside with other rubble.

The “Rock” that stands outside Robinson Hall today is a replacement of the historic gift, yet the switcheroo of the two Albion “Rocks” went apparently undetected by the student body and unannounced by the college for years.

What was noticed, however, was an improved base for the lauded “Rock”, documented in the Jan. 29 edition of The Pleiad:

“We at the Rock would like to extend mucho kudos to the administration for indulging the Rock in their recent Robinson Hall renovation project—wow! It looks just fabulous. That new base is exactly what it needed too.”

When last checked, the “Rock” and its base are still firmly in place outside of Robinson Hall, but who knows what might happen overnight?

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