New Mascot Leaves Students Apathetic

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College names new mascot “Brit”. Entire student body collectively says “meh” and continues to go about their business.

All hail the mighty Brit.  Albion College announced the first mascot in 176 years, begging the question, what is a “Brit”?

Whether by email, Facebook or the Albion homepage, the Student Alumni Association polled students and staff in Fall 2011, to select a mascot that would represent the college. A British warrior, recently named Brit, was chosen.

The Student Alumni Association claims to have wanted to give students a voice in the decision. Throughout the voting process, it became apparent that most students took the mascot as somewhat of a joke. Facebook statuses were made mocking the poll and asking for the black squirrel to be an option.

“Considering a lot of the student population wanted a squirrel to win, I think the new mascot was looked at as more of a joke, but it seemed people were excited about getting the opportunity to have a say in the decision,” said Scarlett Smith, Bloomfield Hills junior.

The British warrior was revealed on Aug. 31at the annual Briton Bash. He arrived sporting a purple and gold suit of armor, crested shield, sword and some new dance moves.

Following Briton Bash, Albion released a Facebook poll for the new mascot’s name. Options included Brit, Albi, Arthur, Io and Triumphe. The Albion College webpage reported that over 2,500 votes were cast in both of the polls, for the mascot and his name. Brit won with 28.8% of the votes.

The question now remains if the Albion College community can identify with the mascot. Did Brit answer the question “what is a Briton?” or just give students something new to laugh at?

“I can only identify with the fact that we actually have a mascot, opposed to just being the Brits. It’s nice to have a symbol,” said Chris Andersen, West Bloomfield sophomore. “As an incoming freshman, and even on my tour of the college, no one could explain to me what a Brit actually was.”

Brit made his first debut as the officially named mascot at the Homecoming Football game on Sep. 24.

At the homecoming game, the Albion Alumni were given the chance to view Brit and finally see for themselves the school’s new identity.

“I thought it was hilarious and unique that we didn’t have a mascot,” said Nicole Anegon, ’11 alumna. “It makes for a great story when you tell people that your ‘mascot’ is a group of people, the British.”

Most alumni appeared almost un-moved by the new addition to Albion.

“I don’t think it has affected me in any way,” said Dan Willenburg, ’11 alumnus. “It’s cool for the sports fans, but as far as an identity for the everyday student, I’m not too sure.”

Brit is scheduled to make many more appearances at sporting games and even a Ford and Gerstacker Institute visit day. The Albion supporters can also add him on Facebook.

photo courtesy of Jennifer Polinski

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