Senior Engagements

Bride-to-be: Hannah Grant, Auckland, New Zealand
Groom-to-be: David Gentile, Ann Arbor, MI

How they met: 3 years ago during Gentile’s freshman year winter break.  Grant was traveling the country with a friend who happened to be a cousin of Gentile’s best friend.  The two met for the first time when Gentile’s best friend’s mom picked him and Gentile up from Albion for winter break, and Grant and her friend happened to be tagging along for ride. The two remained in contact after meeting and eventually began dating.

How he proposed: The proposal took on the University of Michigan campus under a specific archway.  Legend says if you kiss someone under this archway at midnight that you will end up marrying them.  Grant and Gentile kissed under the archway when they first met, so Gentile wanted to make the legend come true at that spot.

Wedding Date: Dec. 8, 2011 in New Zealand.

(Klepp and Makin are pictured at the top of the page)
Bride-to-be: Megan Klepp, Rochester Hills, MI
Groom-to-be: Matt Makin, Rochester Hills, MI

How they met:  The two met while working at a summer day camp called RARA in Rochester, MI in 2007.

How he proposed: To mislead Klepp, Makin took her out to a nice dinner to make her think he would be proposing that night. It wouldn’t be until the next morning, however, that Makin popped the question.  Before breakfast, Makin cut the bottom of a Cracklin’ Oat Bran cereal box and put the empty ring box inside.  As Klepp began to open the cereal box, Makin got down on one knee behind her so she would turn around to see him holding the ring.  Makin noted that asking for Klepp’s father’s blessing was significantly more nerve racking than actually asking Klepp.

Wedding date: Sometime in Sept. 2012.

Bride-to-be: Brittany Pensky, Normal, IL
Groom-to-be: Chris Berry, Berea, KY

How they met: 3 years ago through a random Facebook connection and again on the steps of Wesley hall at Albion College.

How he proposed: Pensky and her parents visited Berry and his family this past Easter.  She woke up to find an Easter egg with her clothes and note inside tell her she would be finding more throughout the day, eventually leading her to a prize at the end.  After finding all of her hidden Easter eggs, Berry had the final prize in his pocket.  In front of family and friends, Berry got down on one knee and asked her ot marry him.  The proposal was especially meaningful as Berry’s mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer and he wanted to propose where she could be present.

Wedding date: Undecided

Bride-to-be: Angie Johnston, Saline, MI
Groom-to-be:  Kyle Zill, Saline, MI

How they met: Freshman year of high school.  Both were involved in marching band and track, however did not became friends until sophomore year when they went to the Homecoming dance together.  The two have been dating since te end of their junior year of high school.

How he proposed: They were on their way to dinner in Ann Arbor when Zill asked Johnston to check his voicemail to confirm their reservation, only to find that Zill “accidentally” made their reservation an hour later than planned. The two drove to County Farm Park in the meantime, and Zill proposed during a walk in the snow. Zill later revealed to Johnston that he had a friend leave a fake voicemail.

Wedding date: June 17, 2011

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