True Life — I’m Anti-Taylor Swift

I hate Taylor Swift.

“Hate” may be a strong word, but in this context, it is appropriate.  Screaming teen girls across the country and the globe were probably hyperventilating as they waited in line to get their paws on her new album a few weeks ago.  My question is simply, “Why?”

The main reason people love, obsess over and nearly worship Taylor is the fact that she writes her own music.  Sure, go ahead and give her an award for essentially writing the same songs over and over.  Swift’s tunes are about two things: bittersweet revenge on a former flame or an enchanted romance with the boy of her dreams.  These are not exactly groundbreaking and original subject matter.   When did mind-numbingly unoriginal become popular?

Don’t get me wrong, I probably cannot write a song as contagiously irritating as Taylor (which is not a burden), but I have a feeling I could find something a bit deeper to sing about than a grudge about an ex-boyfriend.  For the record, she wrote songs about her breakup with a Jonas Brother – I don’t care which brother it was, it’s a Jonas Brother.  The loss could not have been that detrimental.

Taylor should actually read the books she references in her music to avoid looking ignorant.  Her lyrics to the song “Love Story” are far from uplifting and inspirational.  Her “goal” of this song is to connect Romeo and Juliet to herself and her ironically undying affection for a certain someone. Compare to an actual quote from Shakespeare: “For never was a story of more woe/than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”  Let me reiterate:  both Romeo and Juliet died by their own hand.  Suicide is not something to aspire to.

Later in the song, the lyrics are “you were Romeo/I was the Scarlet Letter.” The Scarlet Letter is about a woman who had an affair with a preacher, got pregnant, and had to wear a red letter “A” on her clothes to signify that she was an adulterous.  How is the innocent Taylor anything like said character of The Scarlet Letter? She is poisoning the minds of teenage girls with incorrect literary allusions.

In her new album, she continues to convince girls to remain stuck on guys who don’t care about them.  “Last kiss” is basically just a pity party for herself following a breakup.  In the song, she sings about sitting on her floor, wearing her old boyfriend’s clothes and fantasizing about their last kiss.  OK, I understand a little wallowing after a breakup, but holding your ex’s clothes hostage so you can wear them around and sob your eyes out is not a normal or healthy recovery strategy.  One should avoid this breakup ritual; you’ll just look like a pathetic creep.

Men who are foolish enough to date Taylor should be given a forewarning: once they dump T-Swift, they should expect angry songs about them blaring on the radio and a half-empty closet.

You, Taylor Swift, may have fooled a great number of aficionados into believing your happy-go-lucky music is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I disagree with every fiber in my body.  The day you write a song that is not about some disgustingly perfect romance or a failed relationship with a Jonas Brother, maybe I will give you some respect.  Until then, I will be that girl in the audience who claps when a mouthy rapper tells you off.


  1. STATEMENT: I’m not a teenage girl nor a Taylor Swift huge fan.

    There are other songs that she wrote that aren’t about boys, why don’t you try “Long Live” or “Mean”

  2. Taylor’s music makes people happy– isn’t that what it is all about? And you sound very Angry. Cheer up, grumpy. Who cares what music people prefer? Mind your own business.

  3. It’s definitely a bit dramatic to say that Taylor Swift is “poisoning the minds of teenage girls.” On the contrary Taylor Swift is one of the few artists left who doesn’t sing about about sex and drinking. I believe the real “poisoning” is done by those mouthy rappers you love so much. And actually “crying your eyes out” is the best strategy for recovering from any loss including breakups. It’s called grief and it’s the first and possibly the most important step.

  4. Taylor Swift’s Dad found a ‘hungry’ agent in Nashville with no clients and the agent decided that Taylor Swift was a ‘Country Star’. The truth is Swift IS NOT a country star and every other REAl Country Star in Nashville knows and understands that. When she toured with Rascal Flatts, they asked her to leave the tour early because people were getting up and walking out of the venue rather than have to listen to Taylor Swift and another song about the last guy who dumped her. Maybe the ‘dumped’ her because she is so immature. A friend of mine went to one of her concerts and they had problems with the audio system and she said when the power went off, Taylor TRIED TO KEEP singing but then everyone realized she can’t sing. Most of the time she is limp synching. The rumor in Nashville is her Dad pays for people to vote for her on their cell phones, whenever her name appears on a nomination list.Nashville and Country Music deserves better than a Taylor Swift who is just another Pop Tart, not a country star.

  5. Obviously Taylor is doing something right. She writes about her life, OUR life. She is one of the only good role models left. Taylor writes about more than love- Fifteen, The best Day, The Outside, A place in this world, Change, Long Live, ect.

  6. Taylor ‘Not So” Swift is NOT a country star by any stretch of the imagination. She is a pop/tart-teenie bopper. She is also the most immature twenty something and it shows. Anyone who builds an entire career writing songs about people who dropped her, has some serious psychological issues and ZERO confidence. Who cares that she is a gazillionaire, she is annoying, under talented, irritating, but the last thing she is NOT A COUNTRY STAR. Just because her agent calls her one does NOT make it so. Writhing on the floor on stage and whipping her hair
    around is NOT a talent. And she should STOP using that awful, sickening fire engine red lipstick. Against her totally white skin, it is distracting and not an attractive color for her.

  7. I noticed in your photo that you went out and bought you a CD. Anyway, I happen to like TS a lil bit. Her songs are kind-of repititous but who cares. She does happen to have some good lyrics for young girls to listen too compared to other country artist. So, pop that CD you bought into the player and listen to it one more time and I think you will find that I am right. Give her some credit cause she does have more money that you do!

  8. Best post of the year! MORE PLEASE! This overrated, overexposed and overplayed ‘artist’ needs to be banned from the face of the planet! she cannot sing, she cannot dance and worst of all; she is taking women back 100 years! and don’t get me started on her hair whipping and ‘surprise face’ each time her name is called for an award that she absolutely doesn’t deserve! I can only hope that her 15 minutes are almost up!

  9. I don’t blame you cause you hate Taylor, you love Taylor or you hate Taylor, i don’t care. But things you said it’s BULLSHIT! If you are NOT Taylor’s fan, you will never and never understand what the song means. FUCK IT!

  10. Swiftie: Good role model? Ha! The girl who wrote: “She’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress,” is NOT a good role model for young girls. All that teaches them is that it’s okay to call a girl a whore just as long as she’s dating your ex… Wake the f*** up!!!

  11. Thank you! She is the most overrated and overhyped thing ever! People just can’t see past that “girl next door” appearence I swear. You listen to the lyrics of thoses nasty songs. They are vindictive, spiteful, and above all “mean”. She can’t carry a tune in a bucket w/out being “digitally remastered”.—And for the imbeciles that want to point out her “number” of fans, guess what? Millions of people watch Jersey Shore and the Kardashians. Does that make those “Reality Stars” talented? No. It just means millions of people have no problem ingesting garbage. The same applies w/ Taylor Swift

  12. There are some songs that are alright but overall, I am honestly over her writing songs about exes. I understand that she is a serial dater and it’s what she knows but she definitely needs to find a new theme.
    Find some new hobbies, have some new experiences, travel to different countries. Find some new inspiration for her writing.
    While writing songs about her personal relationships works for her because it makes money but she is not bettering herself as a person. Now it just looks like she is dating to just get more material for songs.
    Personally I can no longer stand Taylor Swift songs because I work for a company that constantly play her songs as if she is the only artist worth playing. Her songs are played over and over on the radio which is why I do not listen to the radio anymore.
    So many young kids idolize Taylor Swift. Young kids who have no idea what adult relationships entail and have no business knowing the details at such a young age.
    Taylor’s songs pertaining to her exes and relationships are actually inappropriate for young kids. I understand inappropriateness is apart of society nowadays but singers such as Taylor Swift who actually capitalize on releasing inappropriate information in her music knowing that younger kids idolize her and hang on every word she sings actually concerns me.

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