Spring 2011 — Accepting Applications for Pleiad Staff Positions

Editorial jobs:

Editor in chief
The editor in chief oversees all aspects of the Pleiad, including planning stories, editing multimedia, updating the website, managing staff and working with the business manager. The editor in chief also represents the Pleiad when interacting with the community, and is ultimately responsible for all content on the site.

Managing editor
The managing editor manages the day-to-day operations of the Pleiad, including assigning stories and ensuring deadlines are met, overseeing the editorial process, and coordinating staff. The managing editor works very closely with the editor in chief in running the Pleiad and making decisions.

Multimedia editor
The multimedia editor producing video, audio and slideshows as well as oversees the interactive parts of the website (blogs, polls, etc.) The multimedia editor may work alone on stories or in collaboration with another editor.

Assistant multimedia editor
The assistant multimedia editor assists the multimedia editor

Copy editor
The copy editor ensures consistency, accuracy and clarity in all written content on the site, editing according to AP style and to the Pleiad style guide.

Front page editor
The front page editor is responsible for increasing traffic readership by ensuring frequent updates, writing strong headlines, record site traffic via Google Analytics, developing and implementing photo and graphics, coordinates the staff’s use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to alert readers of new stories, as well as pitching ideas and writing one story a week. 

Senior editors Senior editors participate in the planning process, pitching stories and contributing ideas, as well as edit each others’ work and cover stories as needed. Senior editors may be primarily writers or may work exclusively in mulimedia.

Assistant editors
Assistant editors work closely with senior-level editors in writing or producing content for the website and in editing content
In addition to the duties listed above, all editors write or produce at least one story a week for the Pleiad.

Publishing jobs:

Business manager
The business manager oversees all aspects of advertising on the site, communicating with businesses, selling ads, billing, and following up, as well as supervising the design and placement of the ads.

Assistant business manager
The assistant business manager assists the business manager.

Web developer
Working with the editors and business manager, oversee the technical aspects of the Pleiad including design and programming in WordPress.

The photographer shoots photos on assignment of events, activities, and/or happenings that are supportive of editorial stories for the newspaper.

Positions are paid. To apply, email a cover letter and resume to Tracey Howard (tlhoward@albion.edu), chair of Media Board, by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 23.

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