Erik Bledsoe — Christian musician rocks the stack


Erik Bledsoe, a Christian rock musician from Nashville, Tenn. was at Albion on Wednesday, Nov. 3. In between speaking and interacting with students in classes, and his performance that night, Erik took the time to sit down with the Pleiad and share some of his own experience as a musician.

When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

Growing up, I was always around music. I kind of always wanted to do it. I started singing professionally at age 14 in a gospel quartet.

How did you get into the Christian rock genre?

It was pretty natural, as my faith was always important to me. I grew up always singing on my own in churches and attended Sunday service. The rock part of it was more of a preference; it was what I liked.

What was it like working with other famous artists in the genre like Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith?

It was humbling. It really confirmed me as an artist. That’s when I realized I could make this thing happen, and make bigger plans.

Are you currently working on an album?

Yeah, my album called “It’s Love,” which will be my third album, should be out by February. The name “It’s Love” stems from the 4 types of love, “Agape,” which is love between a person and God, “Philos,” which is brotherly love, “Storge,” which is family love and “Eros” which is love between a husband and wife.

What advice would you give people about pursuing a career in the music industry?

Well, Scripture says, “Make your calling and election sure.” So I would say, do what the Lord says, believe in yourself and make it happen. I would also say building connections with other artists and mentors is very important.

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