Stripping the Polls — Snyder v. Bernero

As the November election creeps up on our doorstep, the Michigan Gubernatorial has been creeping out of the headlines. Of course, when Rick Snyder (R) pulled ahead of Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero (D) in the polls by more than 20 percent, it did sort of take the newsworthiness of the race out of the picture.

Maybe Bernero didn’t get the memo. Earth to Virg! This is a race to the state capital, not a mosey through the park.

While Snyder has been using his billionaire funding to focus his campaign on ads mainly for name recognition, Bernero has been abusing his argument over how Snyder has been shipping jobs over to China. If Bernero doesn’t come up with a new strategy, he might as well ship his pride over to China with Snyder’s employees.

Their debate on Oct. 11 was the same old song and dance. Bernero continuously attacked Snyder while a cool, calm and collected Snyder simply answered the questions. I could see Bernero’s approval rating dropping like the New Year’s Ball in Time Square up until their closing statements. That’s just sad considering Bernero’s public speaking skills were hyped-up more than The Blair Witch Project (they both sucked by the way).

I have to admit, it is funny to see Snyder cheesing it up about how his positive campaign strategy has actually been working out… and he has every right to. Michigan residents see enough name calling and figure pointing on Capitol Hill, so why bring it to the state capital?

My Prediction:

Rick Snyder (R):      54.5 percent

Virg Bernero (D):    35 percent

Other/Undecided: 10.5 percent

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