Baldwin Bites – Lunch Edition

So here’s a health rundown of the biggest meal of the day, lunch. It’s important that you should never skip this meal , despite the craziness of classes and the mad rush at noon. Never skip this meal, or meals in general, if you’re thinking of maintaining weight or loosing weight because your metabolism will act much better when you have a lot of small meals.  Baldwin constantly has a variety of choices, so I’ll focus on what you can get at Baldwin everyday.

What you see in the picture above is the classic sandwich – make good use of the pizza oven and stick a sandwich through it for optimal taste. For actual health aspects and not just taste follow my mother’s cardinal rule – add spinach to everything (no lie – that includes grilled cheese, most soups and tuna fish sandwiches). As I said in yesterday’s post, spinach is that green good stuff that no one gets enough of. So, along with spinach, add whatever you want to that sandwich, there’s generally a good selection of deli meats, as well tuna. A huge aspect of the sandwich is bread choice – whole wheat is more calorie dense but keeps you fuller longer. That’s why it’s considered so healthy. White bread is pretty much empty calories – it contains simple carbs that leave you hungry after twenty minutes.

Again, as I preached yesterday, fruit is extremely important. Take advantage of when they serve watermelon.  As all fruits are, watermelon is incredibly good for you. It’s full of antioxidants, most importantly Lycopene, and it’s full of vitamin C and A. Studies have also shown that Lycopene has been proven to be cancer preventing. So you’re getting a full serving of fruit and you won’t get cancer.

For liquids, as I’ve stressed, please say no to pop. Today I mixed unsweetened Brisk tea and lemonade to make my own Arnold Palmer. From what I can determine, between those two drinks the calories were below 100 calories.

Also important to note is that the pizza bar is generally a good option and Baldwin enjoys serving chicken tenders at this time – so steer clear.

Drink – estimated 60 calories

Sandwich – 400

Watermelon – 46

506 total calories

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