Baldwin Bites – Breakfast Edition

Ah, now for my favorite meal of the day. I know many people who are dedicated to breakfast-skipping, but they should stop and see what Baldwin has to offer in the morning.

Today I’ll a highlight an important lesson of healthy eating. Yes, a lot of being health-conscious is making the right choices, but wrong choices are out there everyday, tempting eaters. When faced with a food that is absolutely delicious but probably incredibly unhealthy, the decision is difficult. What you need to do is limit the amount. For instance, to the average eye one might view this meal as a decent grouping of food. Then the eyes are drawn the French toast sticks. The shame, the horror, those fried pieces of bread sitting innocently on a so-called ‘healthy-eaters’ tray? Yes, I fall victim to those delectable pieces every time they’re served.  The trick is to limit, take a half scoop of syrup instead of one whole one. Take three instead of four and so on.

After that lesson is learned the rest of breakfast must be attended to. Eggs and some form of meat are served everyday and it’s important to start your day off with protein to keep you full through classes. Yes, bacon is on that plate too. This is where the rule of limiting kicks in. Though fatty, two pieces aren’t going to kill you and at least for me, it starts my day off with a smile.

Oatmeal is either love or hate for most people. I’ve heard of some people bemoaning the texture and others the flavor. For me, I enjoy it; my parents and I would eat it everyday in winter. Something to warm you and the carbs keep you fuller, longer. It’s important to realize you can’t douse it in syrup or brown sugar, keep the amount to a minimum. Try to favor brown sugar over anything else because it’s more natural and therefore better than for you.

OJ – my drink of choice in the morning. In truth, I drink a fresh cup of coffee everyday in my dorm so this is second drink for me.  Orange juice not only wakes you up but also gets some Vitamin C in your day— a win-win situation for you and me both.

Orange Juice – 122 calories

Eggs – 199 calories

Bacon – 92 calories

Oatmeal – 147 calories

Coffee plus milk (if you’re like me) – 30 calories

Total – 560 calories

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  1. Nice post, I’m curious to see what the other nutrition facts are besides calories, like protein/carbohydrates/fat content. I like it though.

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