Baldwin Bites — Dessert Edition

Through the three meals I’ve covered, an astute reader may have noticed I never touch on desserts. No, I’m not a dessert hater; I just saved a special blog devoted to desserts only. Trust me, I’m a big fan of desserts, I just don’t want to be the reality of the freshman 15, so I resist.

When deciding on desserts, be smart.  Initially, decide if you even need a dessert. Heck, I’m a girl, I know when you want a goddamn brownie, you better get one. But if you’re comfortably full and don’t have that craving, pass dessert up. Next, pick lunch or dinner to enjoy your treat, but don’t have a dessert after both meals.

Then you have to decide what kind of dessert you want. Pudding and yogurt are regularly offered, especially during lunchtime. They are both healthier options than the ice cream and the treats in the fridge. Pudding is about 102 calories for two healthy scoops. Yogurt is 116 for a half a cup; it’s healthier for you in the long run and you can put some granola on it for added value.

I cannot ignore the temptation of ice cream. New flavors everyday just entices the average student into consumption. My only recommendation is to follow my ‘limit’ rule. If you normally get three scoops, get one and a half. If you normally get a cup, grab a cone; it can’t fit the same amount. If you normally get three toppings, try just getting one. The easiest way to cut down on calories is just to limit the amount.

As for the pretty pieces of pastries that sit in the refrigerator, all I can say is resist. There is no telling how many calories each of those delectable treats are. Just try and eat them only once or twice a week at most. Or split with a friend and get it four times a week. Think of a plan where you spread out the amount of desserts eaten or pick days to eat yogurt or fruit as dessert and flip flop with ice cream or cookies.

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