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Albion is not a large school. We have exactly one cafeteria, our lovely Baldwin, and it’s pretty dang impossible to only eat there. Everyone has snacks in their dorm, the Eat Shop to flock to and restaurants downtown to peruse.

My main concern in directing all of you to healthy eating is eating in the dorms. Fresh food doesn’t last long so everyone is up to his or her ears in processed, preservative-filled goodies. So the first step to healthy eating is to not even buy that bad stuff. Put that Little Debbie down, don’t even pull out a dollar for candy or pop tarts. Don’t let me catch you eyeing that six-pack of Coke.

The best thing for the busy student on the go is an energy bar, and the most filling bar by far is a Clif bar. The flavor is pretty good and one bar contains 250 calories. It seems like a lot but if you eat bits of it during the day or have one before a workout or a practice, it evens out in the end. It’s also filled with all sorts of good stuff like ten grams of protein, vitamin A, C, and E, as well as calcium and iron. These nutrients help any active student get through the day feeling full and healthy.

The next option I would take for that full feeling on the go is simple ole peanut butter. Believe it or not just two tablespoons contains eight grams of protein. It happens to be 188 calories for that amount, but in my mother’s words that’s ‘good fats’. Yes, crazy as it seems your body does need some fats to function on a day-to-day basis. The trick is to not obtain those fats from super processed foods.

With these two ideas I bid you adieu and hope you eat a little healthier in the future.

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Claire is a senior from Rochester, MI. She is a double major in English and Communication Studies and a minor in Art History.

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