The Caffeine Deprivation Project: Day Five


I thought Thursday was going to be the home stretch, but apparently that doesn’t exist. I just keep biking on an endless road of fatigue, exhaustion and suffering. Friday was just empty push to Monday [God, it seems so far away]. But here is that endpoint. I will reach the summit and finish this week once and for all. I am tired, my energy is near depleted, but I will finish this.  Friday is only one day, and one day will not keep me down.

And today was beyond exhausting, mostly because of my soul-draining Biology lab (aka hell in disguise). My group was giving a presentation and met at 11:00am to go over some last minute details.  As we went over our project, we found that something was missing.

Now, the rest of my group would say that the results section I was responsible for hadn’t been completed. I blame them for not reminding me of its existence. They knew I was going through withdrawals. They could have helped a brother out. I mean, it’s probable my drowsiness that was to blame, but who has time to take responsibility when all you can think about is sleep?

The rest of my day was just class after class after class. On Fridays, my courses start at 8:00am and end at 6:00pm. Over the course of the day I would have waves of exhaustion wash over me and I kept falling asleep in class.

It’s obvious to me now that I need caffeine the most on Fridays.

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